Tuesday, September 29, 2009


"My eyes are small, but they have seen the beauty of enormous things, which leads me to believe - there's Light enough to see that You make everything glorious."
[David Crowder Band]
. . .
Days will be difficult,
but in the midst of difficulty
. . .
I know there are beautiful sunsets.

I'm thankful for unexpected, little blessings and people to share them with.
I need to embrace these sweet little blessings with more zest.
Beauty is everywhere and God is a faithful provider.


katie said...

and the beauty is you! i miss you & can't wait to see you veery soon :)

Sarah Satt said...


miss you terribly!

where's that sunset from??

And laurvid (daven?) is too cute for words.

Lauren Madison said...

Daven... hahaha. I could not stop laughing out loud for a good 30 seconds on that one :) The sunset is actually from our very own Waco dam, believe it or not. Gosh, we just love Waco more and more, don't we?! Sat...I misssss youuuu soooooo much!!!!!!