Sunday, May 10, 2009

there's still enough of the good stuff to go around

After a week of many transitions, I needed to add some more little things to my happiness list.

After all, I believe you can never think of too many little things that make you


10. calls instead of text messages
9. lunar flow yoga
8. a summer sun-kissed glow
7. when someone scratches my back
6. dog eared pages in my favorite book
5. live music
4. Austin, TX
3. sweet old Italian men who walk the streets of Florence ever so slowly
2. a good listener / learning to be a good listener in return
1. being reminded that God's love is strong and real

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The List.

the list-

the happiness list.
[*borrowed from the rockstar diaries]

10 little things that make me happy:

10. my morning [afternoon, evening, anytime] cup of joe
9. roommate chats on our green porch swing
8. the smell of clean laundry
7. making my bed in the morning
6. the little kids i babysit and their giggles
5. headbands
4. words of encouragement
3. swahili
2. dancing [anytime, anywhere & lots of it]
1. chocolate chips

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dark Blue

Everyone's doing it-
well, almost everyone.
I'll be here for another semester.
And being here, well, it's not a bad place to be.
It's actually a lovely place to be.
However, once this graduation thing happens...
most of the people who make this place what it is to me will be gone.
Some will be enjoying wedded bliss.
Some will be teaching in Spain, another will be serving in Kenya
and some will be starting Seminary.
We may all be in different cities, different states, and even on different continents in a few short weeks.
However, wherever we may go-
I'll take each of them with me.
I celebrate with them.
They did it! They made it!
And soon...I'll be a college grad, too.