Tuesday, February 9, 2010

let your love grow tall

I'm a sucker for anything that let's me celebrate love.
Combine getting to celebrate love with giving me a reason to bake/eat something yummy, and I'll all for it.
Despite varying opinions on this holiday, I like Valentine's Day.
There. I said it :) 

The truth is, whether I had a 'significant other' or not, I've always liked Valentine's Day.
I understand, though, that some despise the holiday, think it is silly, think it is a lame marketing ploy for the American public, and think we should celebrate love every day, not just on Valentine's Day.
Well, I can agree with the very last thing- I do think Love should be celebrated every day, in both little and big ways.

I feel inspired this Valentine's Day to not only show a significant other I love them, but to show all the dear and important people in my life I love them.

Remember in elementary school when we all received Valentine's cards from all the kids in our class?At my school, we each made and decorated our own Valentine's bag each year.We all anxiously awaited to open our bags, read all of our cards, and eat our candy. I think we could all use a little more elementary school-style gifts of love these days. 

{ via Martha Stewart }

{ via Martha Stewart }

I'm feeling inspired to let my love grow tall this February 14th (and every other day, too).
How will you be letting your love grow tall? 

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