Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dear I-35

Dear I-35...

the fog and the cold
bright lights and the road
city limit signs
120 miles
on the long stretch of I-35

too much time to think
distance and space
that keep me away
for six long days
on the long stretch of I-35

tears fall fast
24 hours didn't last
can't wait to get back
to smile and laugh, then do it over again
on the long stretch of I-35

1 comment:

David Stoneking said...

Throw in a little acoustic guitar and an orchestral interlude and you have a classic.... or start with raging double bass pedals and a screamer.... or spit it all out in 15ish seconds and toss in a reference to a "ho".... these lyrics are versatile enough for any genre.

seriously tho, I-35 deserves a little hate mail.