Monday, August 24, 2009

Great Last First Day

[Sometimes you need streamers and balloons to celebrate the first day of school.]

Today was my last first day of my undergraduate career at Baylor University.
Say what?
[Freshman Homecoming circa 2005.]

How the time flies.

[...when we were merely freshmen.]

I met this day with some nervousness, some sadness, some excitement, a reminiscent heart...
but mostly with joy.

I get to walk on this great campus for one more semester.
This means I get to wink at Judge Baylor, sit under the giant shade trees, see friends while walking to class, drink a Dr. Pepper float at Dr. Pepper hour, work out at the SLC, walk the bear trail....etc., etc.

all for one more semester.
[Giving Judge Baylor a smooch.]

I'm a lucky girl.

Of course, it didn't hurt that the sweetest boy in the world gave me a "Have a great first day of school!" survival kit either :)

[That's right. I got my favorite chap stick, cute folders, a new thermos and sandwich holder, crayons, pens, and delicious snacks to start my first day :) ]

This will be a great semester.


katie said...

giiirrrl you are so lucky to have one more semester!

and the most awesome back to school present from your cute cute boyfriend!

maybe ill come up there for dinner soon to celebrate with you!

Chuval said...

Too cute Lauren. You're boyfriend is too sweet.

Sarah Satt said...

Silly pictures!!!

Haha. Oh man. 4 years ago already?