Wednesday, March 25, 2009

fake boyfriends...

I will start this post off by saying...

Why do today what can be put off until tomorrow?

{I think the actual saying was
"Why do tomorrow what you can do today."}

Oh well.

My version is probably not the best one to live by. I know I should strive to be more productive these days, but since Spring Break, it's awfully hard to get any work done around here. All my friends agree. The truth is, I can think of one million more things I would rather be doing than schoolwork. Namely, spending time with my beautiful friends in our [last] semester of college.

That brings me to this post. I should be finishing a paper. However, it's more much more fun to blog about .... fake boyfriends.

Fake boyfriends? Yes. Never heard of a fake boyfriend? I'm not surprised. Now, the word 'fake' does not imply that he does not exist, or is fictitious. 'Fake' simply refers to the fact that he is not really your boyfriend. In essence, you two are really just friends with chemistry...and lots of it.

Ever had one? ...I did once, for a week. It was fun and silly and adventurous and non-committal. You are judging me right now :)

Get a fake boyfriend for one week. Do fun, silly, adventurous things with him. Tell me how it goes. I bet you'll have fun.

After all, fake boyfriends are much easier than real ones...right?


K said...

Love you L! What a great post! Fake boyfriends- you are right on.

katie said...

yesss this post is amazing!! i wish i had a fake boyfriend! one thing i do have though: great procrastination skills, just like you :)