Sunday, November 30, 2008


Did someone once say "You can never go home again" ?
Well, if they did, I beg to differ.
I did go home again, for Thanksgiving break to be exact.

I know everyone loves Thanksgiving. I mean, what is not to love about family, turkey, pie, football, and rest? It has glorious written all over it :)

I did love Thanksgiving break. When I say I loved it...I really mean that my heart soared with unexplainable joy when I got to hug my mom after three long months. Do I sound like a fourth grader who couldn't make it through day-camp? Ha. I don't care. My mom gives the best hugs in the whole entire world and man, oh man, did I miss those hugs!

My brother and I watched football. My sister and I went shopping. My mom and I baked. My dad and I took a long drive through our old neighborhood. I sang too loudly in the car with my girl friends to silly music with the windows rolled down, even though it was freezing outside. I sat in my favorite coffee shop, drinking my favorite chai, and reminisced with old friends.

I realized the quaint loveliness of my hometown over the break. What is it about a hometown that is so special? And isn't it funny how we all tend to talk badly about our hometowns when we move away? Well, my hometown is dusty, flat, and some might say boring. We're definitely lacking in the whole trees, lakes, and rolling hills kind of thing where I'm from. It's definitely not the most beautiful place I've ever seen.

But you know what, it's mine. My hometown. I like that. What do you like about your hometown?

Lord, thank You. Thank You for family, for friends, for West Texas sunsets and for always being able to return home.

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katie said...

lauren your writing moves my heart! so beautiful! i'm so thankful that even though we have different hometowns, we have one in common :)