Friday, November 7, 2008

Consumer-driven American and Corporate Starbucks Mania

Did my title make you cringe with horror?

ha ha :)

Do not fear. This post will not be a crazy rant bashing America which we have all grown weary of, and with good reason.

However, I did need to share an interesting occurrence.

Today I stood in a line that was far too long, and paid far too much for a tiny cup of coffee I didn't even really want. I drank my cup of joe in a rush on my way to political science. As I hurried into the classroom and took my seat, I couldn't help but be frustrated with myself. I thought, "I just spent $5 on that stupid, mete ocher cup of coffee."
Who cares, right? It's just a cup of coffee that I willingly waited in line to buy. So why would I be upset about it? Funny you should ask...

I can't help that I happen to adore my grande, sugar-free vanilla, soy, decaf latte from Starbucks. But should I spend $5 on a cup of coffee that I don't even really want at the time just because my consumer-driven mindset tells me to spend every last dime in my wallet? No, I shouldn't. You know what I have learned (from my amazing parents who always teach me something even when I don't realize it)? You do not wake up one day and suddenly become financially responsible. It takes practice. It takes wise people who show you what that looks like. It takes budgeting and finding out what is important to you.

I'm making way too much out of one measly cup of coffee, aren't I? I guess those cups of coffee add up over time, though. It added up to $12.62 for me last week. Maybe $12.62 is no big deal to you. But when I think of a grandmother, whose name is Ruby, who is raising her four grandchildren and working two jobs -one cleaning bathrooms at Baylor University- $12.62 becomes a big deal to me... a huge deal.

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