Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Heart's Affections

Have you ever thought about all the things our hearts have an affection for?

Perhaps this is a topic too deep to discuss so early in the morning. Nonetheless, it is a topic I have been reminded of often these days.

'What are my heart's affections?' ... I wondered.

1. Coffee - don't laugh. I'm serious about this one. What is it exactly about the aroma of a cup of fresh brewed coffee that makes me think I am not ready to face the day until I savor its goodness? It beats me. It may have something to do with my [slight] addiction to caffeine. It may have something to do with routine.

Or could it be something more than that? I love getting my favorite mug out each morning and waiting impatiently for the coffee to be ready. Most of all, I like sitting on our porch swing with my cup of joe in hand. My heart has an affection for this.

2. Organization - I love when things are organized. From my room, to my school work...my heart has an affection for organization.
Perhaps organizing gives me a sense of calm, a sense of control, when life is often so hectic.

3. Creativity - Creativity, of all kinds, delights me. Not just my creativity, either. I love seeing others be creative. For instance, one of my best friends Sarah is incredibly creative with her art. It amazes me. I couldn't paint something to save my life, but her art is so effortless. Another dear friend, Mallory, is so creative musically. Brittany shows her creativity through her incredible photography. Sarah Miller is creative with Spanish. That girl is fluent, I tell ya, and her heart rejoices in Spanish.

What is it about creativity that captures my heart in such a profound way? I think it has something to do with God's astounding sense of creativity.

If I was Rob Bell, I would say :

"This is about that."

So, my affection for coffee probably isn't really about the coffee.

My affection for organization and creativity is probably not really about organization and creativity. Because this is always about that.

There's always something more behind what our heart has an affection for, I believe.

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katie said...

ahhh i love this. or rather, i love the way God shines through you in everything you do- even an early morning blog post, and i love you! thank you for sharing your beautiful insight & brightening up my day. you are a brilliant ray of sunshine :)